A Great Journey . . .

The most important single aspect of agility is that it must be fun for both yourself and the dog. Whilst it is never too late to start it is essential that your dog is receptive to training, wants to learn and is trained in a force free, positive reward based environment.

Whilst you could buy some basic equipment and have a go yourself, this is not advised. It is best to find an approved trainer in your local area and enroll on a pre-agility course. You will be taught all the key foundations of agility over normally a 6 week course.

Don't expect to be whizzing over jumps and flying through tunnels, it takes time to learn the basics such as a good start line wait, a reliable recall, learning to walk on different textured surfaces, your dog running off lead under control at both sides of you, changing sides when instructed.

That is just the start. Full details of typical pre-agility training will follow at later time.

You do have one advantage though, you own a Japanese Spitz!

Your dog can start post-puppy classes and pre-agility classes at young age but should not learn the contact equipment at height or do any jumps or weaving obstacles until the musculoskeletal system has suitably developed, generally from 12 months but full height should be avoided until 16 months.

Don't rush it, enjoy the journey and the friends you will meet.

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