So, Just an hour a week, is that all? . . .

Actually STOP, 1 hour a week in classes is just the start.

You are best advised to practice at home regularly in between classes to ensure that you "proof" the new behaviours you have learned in class. Some skills and behaviours are constantly practiced throughout the early part of learning agility and even now after two years of training I still practice the wait command at meal times, continually develop the recall, work on my directions and other such commands.

The people that develop their handling skills fastest are those that practice outside of class. Even everyday walks can be used to proof behaviours. Goal posts make for great equipment to practice "rounds" and running side changes (I use the Check command for this). Bollards at the beach or car parks can be used to develop the touch command, as can kerbs and pavements be used for getting the "contact" position practice (I even use broken groin uprights at the beach for weave entry practice).

Don't over do it though because your dog must be enjoying what it is doing and always finish on success (don't forget to use high reward treats when conducting any form of training). A word of warning, be careful using "natural jumps" as they will not provide protection to your dog if they get it wrong and never do any more than proof what you have already learned in class. Your trainers are experienced and follow a structured training development plan, don't try to short cut your way, it will only end in tears.

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