Not as expensive as you might think . . .

Well, let's look at it in context. Your clothing will naturally cost but you can probably manage with existing outdoor clothing.

Training, well that varies considerably. Most training schools run group sessions. Ideally you have 6 dogs in a 1 hour class, this allows sufficient time for rest but still gives each dog enough time being active to stop them "switching off". This typical class set up will cost between £5 and £9 per lesson depending on location, number of training facilities in the area and, the standard, experience and profile of the trainer.

As you advance and "catch the bug" you may want to attend specific training camps/workshops (this is when it gets pricey) or even attend special training days with top trainers visiting local training schools (about £15 per dog per hour in a class set up). For a one-on-one with your current trainer expect to be charged in the region of £25 per hour.

If you get really hooked and pursue competing then the costs are very reasonable, especially when compared to Breed showing. Typically you will pay between £3 and £4 per class (steeplechase, jumping, agility are examples of classes), car parking is usually free and if you wish to attend a weekend event then camping generally works out about £10 per night. With a single dog, a family could have a weekend camping, entering 6 classes over the weekend for under £45. Plus, of course, the fun and socialising that go hand in hand with camping.

If you've enjoyed the introduction provided here then why not download the complete article which includes additional content plus a fuller description of both the obstacles used in agility and the classes used by the Kennel Club and the UKA.

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