Japanese Spitz Rescue . . .


Our club is devoted to ensuring the best interests of the breed are met in all circumstances.

It is in this context that we work alongside Charney Kennel in order to provide a recovery facility for those Japanese Spitz that have found themselves in less than ideal circumstances.

When a JS in need of assistance is taken in to our care, its needs are assessed so that it can be most accurately matched with its potential new home. Equally the situation and circumstances of the potential adopter will be taken into account such that we can try and ensure that any adoption is likely to be successful.

All rescue animals are fully vaccinated, wormed and micro-chipped before being adopted and will have had an initial veterinary health check upon arrival to Charney Kennels.

If you feel that you can offer one of these very deserving animals a loving home for the future then do please click here to visit our website  Charney Rescue   (opens in new window).

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