Where you will Start . . .

In your early days you will spend much of your time practicing your lefts and rights when landing a jump (which should at this stage be at the lowest height). You are building and developing your skills, jumping at height will come with confidence later. Jumps will then be placed in short sequences where you will continue to fine fettle your directions.

Most likely your next piece of equipment will be a tunnel. This is generally 5M in length and has a 600mm diameter, is concertina'd to allow it to be easily reduced in length for beginners and then later to be bent for more experienced teaching.

Never force the dog through the tunnel as it will risk generating a fear of it. You will start with it short and with the aid of the trainer will then "lure" your dog through using high reward treats. Once this has been mastered with the dog going through having learned the "tunnel" command then it can be gradually extended and bent round. This will take many weeks, you can't rush success.

So, jumps and tunnels are the back bone of agility and used together in combination with no other equipment are referred to as 'steeplechase'.

You can then add a variety of equipment such as Weaves - probably the single most difficult equipment to learn. The dog must enter with the first pole at it's left shoulder. Added with Steeplechase equipment to form the "Jumping" discipline.

Other items that can be added are - Collapsible Tunnel - Tyre, a height adjustable circular jump - a 1.7m tall A-Frame, with contact areas - a 36 foot long Dog Walk, again with contact areas - and a See Saw.

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