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Agility in Action

Competing in Agility

Once you have mastered the basic skills and controls for completing simple sequences of jumps and tunnels then you can step foot into the UKA Steeplechase Programme.

This first video shows a competitor in a UKA Beginners Steeplechase.

Progressing to Jumping

You can then build on your skills by adding weaves and other jumping related obstacles such as the tyre and the long-jump then you will be ready to enter the UKA or KC Jumping Categories.

This next video shows a UKA Senior Level Jumping Course.

Continued Development

With time and practice you can continue to develop your own and your dogs skills and accuracy to progress through the various UKA categories from Beginner to Novice and through Senior eventually to Championship levels.

This video shows a typical UKA Championship level Steeplechase run.

The move to Agility

To then move on to the agility discipline you will need to gain competence on the Contact obstacles such as the A-frame, the See-saw and the Dog Walk.  In each case the dog must make contact with a defined area on the exit of the equipment.

This great video shows a beginner completing the course.

Developing within Agility

With plenty of practice not only during competition but also with regular training and further practice you and your dog can develop accuracy and speed across an agility course and progress to the more senior disciplines of the UKA rounds.

This video shows a Senior Agility competitive run.

The KC Alternative

The Kennel Club don't hold dedicated Steeplechase discipline events but can offer them as special categories.

For Example:  Here is the KC run SAMS Combined Grade 1-7 Steeplechase with flat out accuracy and speed.

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