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Japanese Spitz

Imagine a small white dog with a thick white coat and a fluffy tail – that is the image of a Japanese Spitz. These little dogs with their winning combination of adorable, fluffy looks and a wonderful personality are the ideal companion pet, they are known for being active and loyal companions who become very devoted to their owners.

The History of the Japanese Spitz Breed
History of J S

The Japanese Spitz was developed in Japan during the 1920s-30s by crossbreeding several Spitz-type breeds. It is thought that the breed started with German Spitz dogs bred with other small white Spitz-type breeds being imported from . . . .     More . . .

Dental Care for Dogs
Breed Health

Responsible breeding practices will usually limit the occurrence of major health problems in this breed; however the breed can suffer from such common issues such as patellar luxation (slipping kneecap) and tear staining (runny eyes).     More . . .

Kennel Club Standard for Japanese Spitz Breed
Breed Standard
Dog Rescue - Japanese Spitz
J S Rescue

The first Standard for the breed wasn’t published in Japan until after World War II, after which point the breed began to gain popularity throughout Japan and into England. In 1977, the Japanese Spitz was accepted as a member of the Utility Group by the Kennel Club but remains unrecognized by the AKC.  More . . .

Our club is devoted to ensuring the best interests of the breed are met in all situations - so we work alongside Charney Kennel in order to provide a recovery facility for those Japanese Spitz that have found themselves in less than ideal circumstances.

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