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Caring for your Japanese Spitz dog is not difficult especially if you follow some of the advice and guidance given here.  Within these pages you will find essential advice on caring for your dogs upbringing, its diet, its health plus we offer download guides on 'How to Groom your J S' and a further guide on 'Oral and Dental Care'

Care of your Japanese Spitz Puppies
Puppy Care

Your care with your new J S puppy starts with the journey to its new forever home. Your new puppy will be ready to leave the nest and start a new life away from its brothers and sisters at around 8 weeks of age.   On the day of collection . . .    More . . .

Grooming your Japanese Spitz Dog

With a breed that owns such a profuse and magnificent coat you could be forgiven for believing that it requires extensive daily grooming.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  However it is true to say that a little goes a long way, so if you give your dog a 5-10 minute groom each day then you will not need  More . . .

Feeding your Japanese Spitz Puppy Dog

As with any puppy your Spitz IS what they eat and what goes in also must come out. So in order to give your puppy its best start in life it is recommended  that initially you continue with the diet & regime already established by your breeder.   More . . .

Dental Care for Dogs
Oral Care

As with all dogs J S can suffer with the problem of Plaque and Tartar build up on their teeth.  Without oral care, the result can be oral abscesses, infection, and loose teeth.  Ultimately, this could result in irreversible periodontal disease.

Our free guide can help you care for your dogs dental health.

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