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Introduction to Agility for Dogs - Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz is more than just a gorgeous white fluffy dog that looks great in the show ring.  Whilst breed showing is a very rewarding pastime, it isn't for everybody and there are many other disciplines in which they excel, from Obedience to Heelwork-to-music and Rally to Agility.  This article is aimed at providing an introduction to agility.

Agility Jumps and Tunnels for Dogs

Jumps and tunnels are the back bone of agility and when used together with no other equipment are referred to as 'steeplechase'.  You can then add a variety of equipment such as Weaves  (probably the single most difficult equipment to master), Collapsible Tunnel, Tyre, A-Frame with contact areas, See Saw again with contact areas, etc.

Agility Training for Dogs

Jumps and tunnels are the back bone of agility so in your early days you will spend much of your time practicing your lefts and rights when landing a jump (which should at this stage be at the lowest height).  You are building and developing your skills, jumping at height will come with confidence later.  Jumps can then be placed in short sequences where you will continue to refine your and your dogs skills.

Guide to Agility for Dogs

If you've enjoyed the brief introduction provided here then why not download the complete article which includes additional content plus a fuller description of both the obstacles used in agility and the classes used by the Kennel Club and the UKA.

Download   Our Guide to Agility     or     Visit our   'Agility-in-Action' Page

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