Club Information . . .

Welcome to our club, let me introduce you to our Patrons, our Committe and our Values.

The Club was originally incepted on 6th-May-1995 at an inaugural meeting at the village hall near Wetherby.  This meeting was attended by 24 of the initial 34 Founder Members and at this meeting the clubs name was confirmed as 'Northern Japanese Spitz Club' - the meeting then continued to elect its initial Officers and discuss its future direction.

The Club caters for all types of Dog Owner whether they be simply a companion pet lover or someone who seeks success at Breed Competitions or a Breeder whose intent is to develop this lovely breed.

Since that inaugural meeting the club has hosted many events including Club Shows, Fun Days & Educational Programs and has over recent years applied for registration with the Kennel Club of the UK.   After four applications and 13 years after the club was originally formed recognition was finally granted in 2008.

At the present time the club holds 2 Shows plus Educational Seminars during the year and any interested parties are more than welcome to attend.

HOT NEWS:   Finally the club is absolutely thrilled to announce that it has been awarded Championship status from 2014, for more information please see our news section.

Club Info . . .