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WHY CHOOSE A JAPANESE SPITZ:     The temperament is such that this breed makes the ideal pet. They are the perfect companion, lovable, lively and fun with a great love of children.

The Japanese Spitz is not an aggressor, preferring to take a submissive route in confrontation. They have an overwhelming desire to please and do not respond to heavy handling, being of a gentle nature.

Normally fit and active, providing they are not allowed to become overweight they are usually free from ailments. They have naturally pricked ears, which helps to eliminate ear problems caused by a lack of circulation of air, as can be suffered by such breeds as the cocker spaniel with its dropped ear flaps.

Their coats are profuse and do require regular attention, therefore prospective Spitz owners must be prepared for a moderate amount of grooming to keep the coat in good order. This means daily brushing and combing to remove dirt & debris with the occasional bath from time to time. This is all that is required to keep the coat in good condition and keep the breed free from 'doggy odour'.

Exercise of this breed means at the very least a secure garden, it is important to allow the dog to be free running in a secure environment. Spitz do like to investigate and are extremely inquisitive.

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