Patella Luxation . . .

The patella, or kneecap is a small bone buried in the tendon of the extensor muscles (these are the quadriceps muscles) of the thigh. The patella normally rides in the groove within the femur (thigh bone) in the knee.

The patellar tendon attaches on the tibial crest, which is a bony prominence located on the tibia (shin bone) just below the knee. The quadriceps muscle, the patella and its tendon form the "extensor mechanism" and are normally well- aligned with each other.

Patella Luxation (dislocation) is a condition where the knee cap rides outside the trochlean groove when the knee is flexed. It can be further characterised as medial or lateral depending on whether the knee cap rides on the inner or outer aspect of the stifle respectively.


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