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2022 Show Dates

Japanese Spitz - Show Dates 2022

Show Dates

January - July 2022

Show Dates

July - December 2022

Boston & District  (No CCs)


     Judge:  - -

Manchester Dog Show Society


     Judge:  Elizabeth Dunhill



     Judge:  Jean Sharp-Bale

Japanese Spitz Club Open Show


     Judge:  Caroline Friend-Rees



     Judge:  Linda Saich

Birmingham Dog Show Society


     Judge:  Melanie Reed-Peck

Japanese Spitz Club Champ Show


     Judge:  James Wade

Northern Japanese Spitz Club Double Open Show


     Judge:  Sarah Hattrell  /  Mike Vincent

Scottish Kennel Club


     Judge:  Rodney Oldham

Bath Canine Society


     Judge:  Jeff Horswell

Southern Counties  (No CCs)


     Judge:  Unto Timonen (Finland)

3 Counties Agricultural Society


     Judge:  Rosemary Stevenson-Reynolds

Border Union  (No CCs)


     Judge:  - -

Blackpool & District  (No CCs)


     Judge:  Lyndsey Jones



     Judge:  Jane Lilley

East of England Agricultural Society


     Judge:  Jonathan Daltrey

Leeds City & District Canine Association


     Judge:  Lynn Kilby

Paignton  (No CCs)


     Judge:  - -

Bournemouth  (No CCs)


     Judge:  Sue Bird

Welsh Kennel Club


     Judge:  Lynne Smith

Driffield  (No CCs)


     Judge:  Roxanne Hobbs

City of Birmingham  (No CCs)


     Judge:  Karen Gililand

Richmond Dog Show Society


     Judge:  Steph Bliss

Darlington Dog Show Society


     Judge:  Betty Peach

Belfast  (No CCs)


     Judge:  - -

Scottish Kennel Club


     Judge:  Tom Mather

South Wales  (No CCs)


     Judge:  - -

Japanese Spitz Club Champ Show


     Judge:  Jim Peach

Midland Counties Canine Society


     Judge:  Anne Kirton

Northern Japanese Spitz Club Champ Show


     Judge:  Jeff Luscott

British Utility Breeds Association


     Judge:  Lorraine Bolton

Ladies Kennel Association


     Judge:  Ernie Patterson

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