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So you want to show your beautiful Japanese Spitz - Great!! Read On.

You can enjoy the world of showing your dog in many different ways:-

You can start by showing your dog at your local Ringcraft Classes where you will be introduced into the techniques of presenting your dog both stood at your side and also examined on the judges bench, plus your dog will be observed whilst it walks around the ring to validate its movement. This is a great environment in which to learn and you can be certain of lots of help and advice from many other owners.

Spurred on by success you can then progress onto showing your dog at local 'Open Shows' or the larger County Shows - these are great days out and the term Open simply means that your dog will be competing against many different breeds typically segregated only by age and/or group, e.g. Hound, Utility, Toy, Terrier, etc.

You can then enter the world of Championship Shows where your dog will be competing against others of the same breed this time segregated only by Sex and Achievement. These shows are judged by Kennel Club appointed judges whom can award your dog a 'Challenge Certificate' and winning three of these confers 'CHAMPION' status on your dog.

Of course CRUFTS is now only a step away !!

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