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Breed Appreciation Seminar - 21st-Nov-2021

Attendees in Session at Northwich

Sunday 21st November 2021 saw the Club deliver their second Breed Appreciation Day, the group met at Crowton Village Hall just outside Northwich.


Our attendees travelled from many varied areas - we were again delighted to be joined by judges from as far afield as Cumbria, Leicestershire, Southampton and Somerset together with many local people as well.


We had a fantastic attendance of 14 who made the Breed talk really interactive and lively with some great questions from specialists in many other breeds.  After a quick comfort break, and with some trepidation, the examination followed and once completed, we could all sit back and enjoy a lovely lunch.

An extensive hands-on session followed - in the afternoon to enable people to really get a feel for the dogs and put into practice what they've learned, with some also attending a Group Mentoring Session to further develop their Japanese Spitz Judging Journey.


As ever, the success of these seminars is only made possible by the hard work of our committee with a special mention for our speakers on the day - Richard & Kennedy Aston and Adell Bowen.

Finally - individuals were presented with their certificates and a CD-ROM containing the presentation notes before leaving fully prepared to judge our fantastic breed.


Demand for these Breed Seminars is growing so do keep your eye on our Facebook Group (The Northern Japanese Spitz Club UK) for future events, we’d love to see you there.

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